We are committed at Medgulf to provide individuals and businesses with solid security and quality service. We have rock-solid financial standings in the region and we bring with us extensive experience in complex insurance and reinsurance products in different fields such as engineering, aviation, property, medical and life insurance. Our insurance specialist team is constantly designing new insurance policies and products to fit the specific needs of our different clients.

Medgulf Lebanon - Group Members: MedVisa

MediVisa is a Third Party Administrator managing and serving the medical portfolio of Medgulf and offering comprehensive health care insurance management solutions to Medgulf clients and large self-funded schemes. MediVisa has the expertise and capability to administer all aspect of claims process, including claims administration, management plan, provider networks, statistical reports and other administrative activities.

  • Established in 1997, MediVisa manages a large portfolio of beneficiaries, which has reached today over 1,343,624 and is still growing
  • Operated by a team of around 160 highly skilled professionals having university qualifications in Nursing and Medicine as well as an extensive field experience in the health care sector.
  • MediVisa has a team of over 80 delegates covering all hospitals within the Lebanese Territory.

We operate in 13 branches on top of the Head Office operation in addition to full-time offices located in the top 8 providers. | LB

Medgulf Lebanon - Group Members: Motion

Motion is a third party administrator specialized in managing the motor insurance portfolio of Medgulf. | LB

Medgulf Lebanon - Group Members: Addison Bradley

Addison Bradley specializes in the placement and administration of International Commercial Insurance risks especially of those emanating from the Middle East. | LB

Medgulf Lebanon - Group Members: Al Mostasharoon

Al Mostasharoon is a brokerage company established and regulated in Lebanon. It contributes in enhancing the sales of Medgulf Products through a team of dedicated personnel. Al Mostasharoon provides after sales customer services to satisfy the needs of its clients and meet the complexity of the insurance market.



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